Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016 Habitat Summary

St. Clair County had another great year in provide quality habitat for wildlife.

We had 48 local cooperators.  We had 9 local nesting projects cover 34 acres.
We also had a nesting project at Verona State Game Area covering 171.  That was in cooperation with Macomb Pheasants Forever and a DNR Minigrant.  Congratulations are in order to Bill VanderZouwen, our PF regional rep.  He secured a second grant for Verona which multiplies our money contribution at rate of $9 for $1 we put in.

We had 44 local food plot projects covering 172 acres.  We also had a 1 acre pollinator by a Scout group at Perch Point Conservation Club.

Through our successful DNR mini-grant and along with Macomb PF, we did 64 acres of enhanced brush removal.

In the Lapeer State Game Area, we partnered with Lapeer PF and secured a mini-grant to put in 100 acres of disking and interseeding.  In the Lapeer State Game areas, we did    100 acres of mowing, getting ready for the 2017 season.

For several years, we have been trying to get the Local DNR to make improvements for pheasant habitat on the Port Huron State Game Area.  Previously, we have been unsuccessful to get projects underway, even though we offered substantial cash contributions.   This year, we did get a project on the PHSGA with a 40 acre disking and interseeding of a pollinator/forb mix to enhance the quality of the field.  Other projects are being considered for 2017.   Projects being considered for PHGA and St. Clair Flats area.

For 2017, we are in the running for new minigrants in both the Lapeer State Game Area and the Verona State Game Area.

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  1. You people are doing great for the wild life.I am glad to know about different projects which are going on under your organization for wild animals.