Wednesday, February 21, 2018

2018 Pheasants Forever Banquet Sold Out

Our March 10, 2018 Annual banquet /Dinner is SOLD OUT. However, we sometimes have a couple of people who have encountered an event conflict and are willing to resell their ticket. If you want your name on a waiting list for a late-opening seat at the banquet, contact Treasurer Jim Bearss at to get your name on the list (as of 2-19- 18 there is no one on a waiting list).

Information for 2018 Habitat Cooperators

St. Clair County Pheasants Forever members who are interested in planting a habitat project in the spring of 2018 are encouraged to act quickly. Please click on the link below to continue reading for this year's guidelines and order forms.

Youth Events

At our banquet, we recognize our Ringneck attendees (youths 17 and under). They are automatically entered into a special, free youth raffle.

We brought in the Pheasant Forever BB gun shooting trailer for youth participation on three occasions:  Pine River Sportsman’s Club Youth Shooting Day, Pheasant Friday at the Algonac State Park in August and the VF Sports Extravaganza in August.  At these events (along with our banquet) we signed up 112 youths be become PF Ringneck members.

2017 Habitat Summary

This year, we had 45 local cooperators who created projects totaling 282 acres. These projects included 10 projects of nesting habitat equaling 34 acres and 44 projects of food plots equaling 172 acres. In total, we established 495 acres of habitat.

We did two pollinator projects on private lands and a 30-acre pollinator over-seeding project on the Port Huron State Game Area. Because of your help and the successful banquet last year, we were able to fund the costs of these projects.

We also funded (along with grant money) projects on public lands at the Verona State Game Area and the Lapeer State Game Area.

Achievement Awards

Our local chapter of Pheasants Forever was recognized at the annual State Convention by receiving six awards for our achievements and contributions for the the mission of Pheasants Forever.

Also, we were again recognized in the National PF Magazine Annual Report as having one to the top ten banquets in the entire county.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Right Now! Special 5-Gun Outside Raffle

St. Clair County Pheasants Forever is having a special outside raffle with great odds to win a gun.  There will only be 100 tickets sold and there will be five prizes, so the odds are 1 in 20 to win.  

The guns are  DPMS AR15 5.56;  Sig SaurP938 w/laser:  CVA Model Scout .44 mag (camo, stainless, sling and case);  Savage 93R17GV w/scope and case; Taurus PT709 slim 9mm pistol .  Ticket price is $50 each for a 1 in 20 chance to win. The drawing will be held at our PF meeting on Dec. 7 at Perch Point Conservation Club (7:00 PM).

Feel free to join us.  See if you are one of the five winners, and stay for PF meeting if you like.  We always are looking for a few more active members .

It is our intention to offer this raffle to current PF members now.  After some time in mid October, the remaining tickets will be offered to the general public.

Check back in about mid-October  to see where and when the tickets will be available to the general public (assuming there are any left).

The tickets can be purchased from any Board member.   Their contact numbers are:

Frank Duchane 810 765-3015

Tim Vargo 810 248-2738

Bill Furtaw 810 765-5279

Erich Schienpflug 586- 549-3839

Joe Griffor 810 -765-9615

Dave Kaufman 810 531-1503

Tim Golm  810 335-1522

Jim Bearss  810 334- 7327

Bob Watson 810 324-2853

Russell Golm   586 484-9067

2017 Pheasants Forever Banquet Information

The 2017 Pheasants Forever Banquet is set for Saturday, March 11, 2017.  We expect another sell out crowd.  The format will be very much like last year,  We are upping the prize package even more this year.  We already have some very desirable and valuable guns secured for the banquet.

Tickets will be available from any Board member or at VF Sports located on Lapeer Rd. and Beech Rd. in Port Huron township.

Like last year, there will be an Early Bird Raffle drawing for a gun.  People who purchase tickets prior to  February 1st will be eligible to enter the drawing.  However, we recommend that you don’t wait until February to purchase the tickets.  They may got last.

Tickets should be available in late October.

Please check back in to this blog in January for a Banquet Update.