Sunday, January 31, 2021

St. Clair County Pheasants Forever Chapter #74 5 Gun Raffle

The St. Clair County Pheasants Forever Chapter #74 is planning a 5 gun raffle in the near future.  The chapter will be printing only 100 tickets ($50.00 each).  The prizes are #1= Delton DTI-15 5.56 Rifle, #2= Kimber Micro 9, 9 mm handgun, #3= Browning BPS 12 gauge Pump Shotgun, #4= Remington 1911 R1-Commander 45 ACP, and #5= Henry Golden Boy 22 Mag Lever Action Rifle.  Tickets can be purchased from any Board of Director.  More details will follow as soon as tickets are available.

Due to the cancellation of the banquet this year, the chapter will be having several raffles, events, etc., throughout the year to raise funds to continue with our mission.  Please return to this site periodically for  announcements concerning these events.

St. Clair County Pheasants Forever Sponsors

Please support the following businesses during this pandemic time and beyond as they have shown strong support for our chapter and our mission throughout the years.


Thorpe Printing                                      VF Sports                          Foster Blue Water Oil/Blue Flame Propane

Adair Grain and Feed                              Earl Smith Distributing   Kenockee Trading Post

Southeastern MI Conservation Club       The Smoke House           Woods-n-Water News

Perch Point Conservation Club               Springfield Pet Resort     John Tomaschko/Auctioneer

Mag-na-Port/Pro-Port                             Rooster Ranch                 Seven Crown Brittanys

Welser Well Drilling                               Blue Water Disposal        Golf Country

Paul Zimmer Roofing                             Hill’s Service Center        Adair Bar

MTE Trucking, Inc.                                Robert J. Bates, DDS       Del Barba Agency, Inc.

MHDF                                                    Family Dentistry              Great Lakes Insurance

McFat’s Meats                                        St. Clair Eye                    Adair Salvage

Kustom Truck and Trailer                      Sideline Electric               Breacher Rustics  

Dyck Security                                         Jester Signs                      4 Square Sportsman’s Assoc.

Food Depot                                             ITC Holdings Corp.         Bill MacDonald Ford

Mark’s Auto Service                              The Dorsey House           Huntington Bank

St. Clair Chevrolet, Buick, GMC,Jeep & Dodge                             Marine City Physical Therapy, P.C.

Therapy Zimmer’s Sales and Service                                               China Township Dentistry                      

Pine River Sportsman’s Club                                                            Nationwide Transportation Services    

Pheasant Ridge Hunt Club  


The Board of Directors thanks you for your patience and support during this unprecedented time in United States history.    

St. Clair Co. PF Chapter #74 Habitat Program Suspended for 2021

 Due to the cancellation of our 2020 and 2021 banquets, it is with deep regret that the Board of Directors have made the decision to suspend our habitat seed distribution program for 2021.  We understand that this decision has a negative impact concerning habitat and wildlife in St. Clair County for the upcoming 2021 planting season. We hope that many of you will be able to continue with your projects this year.  We are looking forward to reinstating the program for the 2022 growing season. For those individuals that may need to order seed, you can contact Bob Liebetreu at Adair Grain and Feed to make arrangements.  Bob may be reached at 727-1598 or 329-2658. 

In the growing seasons of 2019 and 2020 the chapter was able to assist 61 cooperators in 2019 and 33 cooperators in 2020. A total of 402.5 acres over the two years were planted consisting of nesting cover and food plots.  

The chapter was active and continues to be in promoting habitat projects on the Port Huron State Game Area, the St. Johns Marsh, and Harsens Island. Our Pheasants Forever Adopt-a-Game-Area-Program Coordinator Ben Beaman is hoping to complete 43 acres of prairie restoration and 22 acres of disking and interseeding wildflowers on the Port Huron SGA.  He is also hoping to do 87 acres of prairie restoration in the St. John’s Marsh SGA and 25 acres of disking and interseeding wildflowers on Harsens Island.  Ben is also planning to see habitat work continue at the Verona SGA.    Work being done there includes 54 acres of prairie restoration and 27 acres of tree/shrub removal.  This work is being funded by funds from Enbridge, NFWF, Safari Club International, DTE, DNR Wildlife Habitat Grant, and a private donation from an individual of $25,000.  Ben is also working on a large NAWCA grant for SE MI  with DU, USFWS, DNR, and others that will likely include some wetland and associated grassland work at St. John’s Marsh and Harsens Island.  As you can see our mission is still alive and well.  

St. Clair County Pheasants Forever Chapter #74 Cancels Banquet for 2021.

Regrettably the St. Clair County Pheasants Forever Chapter #74 Board of Directors have canceled the annual banquet for the year 2021.  As many of you will recall, our 35th Annual Banquet scheduled for March 13, 2020, was postponed on March 11, 2020, due to the pandemic.   At that time, the Board of Directors rescheduled the banquet for August 29, 2020.  When it became apparent that we would be unable to host the banquet at that time, the Board of Directors rescheduled the banquet for March of 2021.  Again, due to pandemic issues, the Board of Directors in January 2021, made the difficult decision to cancel the banquet for the year 2021.  There was a lengthy discussion of possibly scheduling the banquet later in the 2021 year, but with the uncertainty of hall availability, executive orders, etc.,  the decision was made to cancel for the 2021 year.  

The support of our chapter members throughout this process has been greatly appreciated.  Even without holding a banquet in 2020, our chapter was  able to register over 300 members to Pheasants Forever.  Through this type of commitment and support from our chapter members,  the St. Clair County Pheasants Forever Chapter #74 has been nominated for a National Pheasants Forever Membership Award.  This is an amazing feat considering we were unable to hold our banquet.

Letters should be arriving to those chapter members who still have money on account for the 35th banquet with the chapter. The chapter is hoping to maintain a strong roster of memberships through the 2021 year.  It was decided that those of you who want to remain an active PF member and renew your membership for the 2021 year, the chapter would apply the $30 that you have on account for the 2021 banquet towards your membership.  The chapter will then pay the additional $5 towards your renewal for your Pheasants Forever National Membership. Spouse tickets will be reimbursed unless the individual wants to become a Pheasants Forever member or make a donation to the chapter. Ringneck and Student ticket holders will have the same renewal opportunity as our associate members (renewal or refund).  When all transactions are complete, the chapter will have either renewed, refunded, or accepted a donation from all ticket holders.  Everyone attending our next banquet in 2022 will need to purchase a banquet ticket at the full asking price.  The Board of Directors are asking that members who receive this letter please mail back their decision ASAP.  All letters must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2021.  If the chapter does not receive a member's response with a directive postmarked by March 1, 2021, the Board of Directors will renew your membership and use spouse tickets as monetary donations to the chapter.

Support from our chapter's members has been phenomenal during this pandemic.  The Board of Directors pledges to continue to carryout the mission of Pheasants Forever to the best of our ability during these times.  As the longest, continuously running chapter in Michigan, the St. Clair County Chapter of Pheasants Forever has a proud and strong tradition of promoting habitat, youth involvement in the out of doors, and supporting Pheasants Forever's mission locally, state wide, and nationally.  We look forward to continuing and building on these initiatives for years to come.